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What they say about ThriveTraining

"Starting my journey with Jason Stevenson in November of 2013 changed my life. I saw myself in a photo that completely disgusted me and that was the day I made an appointment with him. When the day of the consultation came I was so nervous and all I could think was that I am way too fat to exercise.  He quickly changed my outlook.  When I met with him he pulled up two yoga balls and there we sat where I laid it all out about my past diet fails and lack of motivation. The rest is history. Jason has guided me through a 60 lb. weight loss, changing my entire outlook on food and “diets”, conducted weekly weight checks and measurements, personally supporting me in my new goal of 5ks, designed customized work-outs for our training, in time guiding me to be comfortable in group classes, and supporting my newfound interest in weight training; all the while focusing on on the mental aspect of the fitness journey. If you want a trainer who will be supportive in your victories (no matter how big or small) and bumps (there will always be some: like weight gains and plateaus) choose Jason to be a part of your team and journey towards a healthier lifestyle."



"Friendly and intelligent. Recommended highly to anyone in need of motivation!"

"You can tell they truly have your best interests in mind and have the ability to make you recognize the strength you have within yourself. Helpful, kind and supportive." 

"The last trainer you'll ever need."

"Paths cross with people in life for a reason...In May of 2017, my path crossed with Jason Stevenson of Thrive Training and there was no looking back. In the last 13 months, he has changed my life...not only as a trainer and a professional...but also as a friend and confidant. There simply is no one better! His technical skills and knowledge of fitness and wellness are exemplary. His holistic, caring and compassionate approach is profound. And his demeanor and style is effortless and expert! In 13 months, I have lost > 40 lbs, and countless back into a suit that I hadn't worn in > 15 years...and continue to transform my body and mind under his coaching and care. His balanced and deliberate focus on complete, and appropriately executed body movements through...strength training...cardio...pilates and yoga positions and poses...stretching, etc., as well as focus on nutrition, and overall wellness ensures your success. His methodology and drive is customized to you and your is not forceful...yet is highly effective... And it is all packaged in "real"...nothing is banned...he'll work in just about anything you can throw at him...peacefully counseling you all along the way. I can't more highly recommend Jay to anyone who has a health and fitness goal... You will not only achieve will become a better person..."



"As I age, I train regularly with my fitness coach Jason, to achieve my goals for strength, balance and better health. Under his guidance I enjoy improved vitality and agility and look forward to healthier living."



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