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Who I am

It's not about me.

It's about you, Today.

Where you are now, where you want to be,

and what we're doing today to get you closer to your goals.    


That's my job.

To help you get further.

To help you find applicable,

repeatable, maintainable habits that help you move towards your goals.

This is about real life, and enjoying it for as long as possible.

So what are you doing today to make that a reality?

Me? I'm searching for balance, while striving to suck the marrow out of life.

Being a personal trainer is what I'm supposed to do.

I was raised in a time and a home where we moved... played... engaged in life. I remember riding my bike with my brother and my friends everywhere when we were little. I remember playing sports in the streets where we grew up with hockey sticks, baseball bats, skateboards, super balls and all ages. I remember helping  my mom choreograph aerobics classes. I remember watching my Dad give lectures and lead groups for fitness symposiums.

I was lucky, I was born into a fitness family. My grandfather's were coaches and teachers. My Dad was a professor of health and physical education and a nationally recognized professional in health and phys ed. and my Mom owned her own personal training business for 20 + years.

This is what comes most naturally to me.

Professionally trained as a chef at Johnson & Wales University where I also acquired a  bachelor's degree in business management I tried to help people from the food side for several years, only to find myself drawn to the fitness side of life.

I owe much of who I am and how I approach my clients and personal training as a whole to my mom... who mentored me for several years in her business located in the Main Line area of south eastern Philadelphia. Not only was it an amazing experience to learn my mothers passion for helping others while working beside her, but she also taught me how to move beyond the books and certifications and treat each day with each client as an individual project designed to better them.

We trained people of all ages and fitness levels, in home, in small groups and one on one, from ages 8 - 86, from fit individuals and local TV stars to home bound elderly clients with Parkinson'. This is where I started to explore the world of proactive health and wellness for fitness and longevity.

When I moved back to RI, I managed two personal training departments overseeing the fitness staff for two gyms with a total of 8 trainers, but was frustrated by the lack of personal focus in the larger gym setting. I wanted to start my own business and begin focusing on my clients individual goals and my own style of training.

Now, with almost two decades of experience training all levels of fitness, from surgery prep, post surgery/pt rehab, weight management, body building, strength training, fitness and overall health and well being, I get to help people change their lives. I train one on one, small group and in group classes.

I've always wanted to help people, now I get to do it every day!

I am so very grateful for my life!

I get to live and work in a small town near the beach. I work constantly on my work life balance. I love to cook, hike, camp, workout, travel, and spend time with family and friends while striving towards my own personal health and wellness goals.

It's about the journey, right?

So, what do I do?

I help people.

I help them find balance between what life they live and what life they want to live. Everyday is a new day as a part of your whole, relative to your long term goals. Together we focus on the mind and body connection for optimal fitness with functional mobility, strength and cardiovascular conditioning for your real life. 

How can I help you today?

Jason Stevenson
Head Trainer

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